Rude, Nutsack-Obsessed Dude Can't Figure Out Why He's Still Single

Meet O'Neal, a native New Yorker who describes himself as "the black Brad Pitt," but gets with chicks by speaking in a sexually suggestive way. He says he hasn't been on more than three actual dates because he generally sleeps with women without any dates, and cannot stop talking about his tattooed testicles and… »11/07/11 5:40pm11/07/11 5:40pm


Why Am I Still Single? Show Makes The Answer Pretty Clear

Last night Vh1 debuted its competitor to Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker and if the rest of the episodes are anything like what we saw last night, Patti Stanger has nothing to worry about. While the premise — female matchmaker fixes flawed daters and helps them find love — may seem familiar, Why Am I Still Single has… »10/17/11 7:30pm10/17/11 7:30pm