'Black Babies Cost Less': The Racial Realities of Adoption in America

In 2010, NPR's Michele Norris started The Race Card Project, a website through which she solicited six word statements from listeners on "race and cultural identity." She gets honest statements like "race is a white man's problem" and "I feel guilty because I'm white," but the most recent one she's chosen to explore… »6/27/13 10:55am6/27/13 10:55am


Morons Disappointed to Learn Most Babies Born in America Are Not White

When the US Census bureau announced this morning that for the first time in US history, the majority of babies born in 2011 were not white, naturally my first thought was to see what paranoids and dum dums on the internet were saying about it, because I'm nothing if not a chronic hater. After all, this sort of topic… »5/17/12 3:10pm5/17/12 3:10pm