The Funniest, Weirdest Thing You Did as a Kid

Over the past week, an unnamed Gawker Media dad has been bringing his four-year-old into the office. While you might (somewhat rightfully) be thinking of us as a group of cold and unfeeling bloggers, this little girl has been warming our hearts and making us laugh continually with her adorable and zany antics. The… » 2/20/15 8:40pm 2/20/15 8:40pm

Man Becomes Sex Addict After Fall From Tree • Rot Your Brain With…

• An 81-year-old grandfather from Switzerland has been put under house arrest by his family after a fall from a plum tree allegedly turned him into a sex addict. But maybe his family is just mad about something else. » 5/21/10 5:30pm 5/21/10 5:30pm

Woman Spends Two Years Sitting On The Toilet

Holy scat. I'm not sure why this story is deserving of a whole post, or where I'm going with it, but whatevs. A 35-year-old woman in Kansas sat on her boyfriend's toilet for two years. She sat so long she became fused to the toilet. And for two years her boyfriend brought her food on the john. Her neighbor said the… » 3/12/08 6:00pm 3/12/08 6:00pm