Saturday Night Punky Power

As Anna noted last month, I'll be working part-time on the weekends, so I'm afraid we've come to the end of our broadcast day. Alas, the economy is crappy, but we can still have fun! » 1/03/09 4:45pm 1/03/09 4:45pm

What's Up With Weekend Jezebel?

In case you missed it: Jezebel has gone through a major makeover this week. Some of you love it, some of you hate it, and some of you are pretty confused about the whole thing. » 12/13/08 12:00pm 12/13/08 12:00pm

Attention, Weekend Warriors

Hello doves- as this is a holiday weekend and such, today's posting schedule will be a little slower than normal, as I'll be spending most of this lovely Saturday on the nightmarish highway that leads from my parents' home to my own. Hopefully things will be back to normal tomorrow. I hope you're all having a nice… » 11/29/08 11:15am 11/29/08 11:15am

Sunday Night Roundup

Well, doves, I'm going to be on a plane this evening, so there won't be a Mad Men open thread tonight. However, you can always share your Mad Men love and discuss the show during Tracie's weekly recap tomorrow. I know we've been having technical problems this weekend: if you are having issues with the comments, it's… » 10/19/08 5:30pm 10/19/08 5:30pm

A Saturday Morning Service Announcement

Good morning, doves! This weekend, I'll be posting from a hotel room far far from home, so things might be a little wacky, technically, but I'm hoping all will go well. I have also been receiving emails from several readers who are confused about the new commenting system. All of the answers you're looking for (and… » 10/18/08 9:30am 10/18/08 9:30am

Good Morning, Doves!

Well, we made it through our first day of Weekend Jezebel. Thank you all for your encouragement and patience; I had a good time keeping up with you guys yesterday, and I hope you all had a good time as well. We're starting a little later today because, well, it's Sunday, and that's the official Hortense Day to Sleep… » 10/05/08 10:00am 10/05/08 10:00am

Welcome, Weekend Warriors

Good morning, doves, and welcome to the very first (but hopefully not the last) edition of Weekend Jezebel! Regardless of your Saturday status, be it wide-awake, half-asleep, hungover, at work, in school, or busy building a replica of the Eiffel Tower in your home out of cupcakes and bacon, we've got you… » 10/04/08 9:00am 10/04/08 9:00am

Welcome To: Weekend Jezebel

Months and months (almost a year!) after first announcing » 10/02/08 3:40pm 10/02/08 3:40pm the possibility of a weekend version of Jezebel, that possibility has become a reality. (Sorry for the delay ladies, but I've had a lot on my plate.) Starting on Saturday, our very own commenter moderator Hortense — ! — will be doing double duty and taking on…