Gardasil May Protect Men From HPV • Dallas Pastor Urges Couples To Enjoy 7 Days Of Sex

• Merck and Co reported »11/13/08 5:40pm11/13/08 5:40pm today that Gardasil may protect men from HPV-caused infection and external genital lesions. • of a wide-hipped Homo erectus pelvis in Ethiopia suggests that the pre-human species gave birth to relatively developed babies with large heads and advanced behavior. • A Pennsylvania man was to two…

Fashion Victims: Paris Couture Week Brings Out The Megafans In France

When you think about it, going to a fashion show dressed head-to-toe in that designer's work is like going to a Yankee game in full pinstripes. Read: kinda lame. When you think about it even more, going to another continent to watch some women in conceptual clothing walk down a catwalk for fifteen minutes is weird,… »7/02/08 10:30am7/02/08 10:30am