Are You Surprised to Hear That Primates of Park Avenue Isn't 100% True?

Well, well, look who we have here—it’s our old friend, the rapid backpedal! In this case, it’s a disclaimer that will now be appended to Wednesday Martin’s much-buzzed-about Upper East Side mommies-with-money memoir, the anthropology-inflected Primates of Park Slope. It will clarify, as per the New York Times and… »6/08/15 7:40pm6/08/15 7:40pm


A Conversation With Wednesday Martin, Author of Primates of Park Avenue

On the surface, Primates of Park Avenue is an examination of a lived stereotype: an anthropology-inflected, lightly analytical memoir of coming to belong within an Upper East Side community where blonde, thin, status-obsessed moms hip-check each other with their designer bags, where absent men dole out “wife bonuses”… »6/02/15 2:50pm6/02/15 2:50pm