Meet the Superstar Dog Who Just Bombed the Hell Out of This Couple's Engagement Photos

If engagement photos are meant to reflect an entire relationship, then it’s no surprise that so many people include their adorable pets in the shoot. Most of the time, the animals just chill (as animals do when stuff is boring and you’ve given them a snack), but sometimes they forget they’re not the star of the show… »10/27/15 12:32pm10/27/15 12:32pm


Thanks to His Fuckup Brother, Jeb Bush Has Only One Wedding Pic 

Traditionalists can gripe about wedding guests relentlessly taking smartphone pictures during weddings, or the obsessive documentation of ceremonies on social media, but there's at least one huge defense of this behavior: If your official photographer monumentally screws up, at least you'll have a handful of amateur… »2/23/15 5:10pm2/23/15 5:10pm

An Incredibly Touching Father/Daughter Tribute to Mom Who Died Young

A widowed father, in a tribute to his late wife who died of cancer at 31, staged a photoshoot with the couple's young daughter that's as gorgeous as it is sad as a sort of "farewell" to the house the family once shared. Seriously, grab the onions and a large knife; you're going to need a solid cry alibi to explain… »12/17/13 6:15pm12/17/13 6:15pm

Oh My God Please Stop Taking Your Wedding Pictures in the Middle of the Street

Not to go all local news-style alarmist on you, but: brides and grooms, your extreme wedding photos could be putting your lives at risk. This conclusion isn't the result of a scientific study, it's the result of simple observation — if you're standing out in the middle of a busy intersection or jumping joyfully from a… »9/21/12 11:30am9/21/12 11:30am