'Wedding Inspiration' Photo Shoots Are Killing Me Not-So-Softly

It is one thing to wince at the glow of a Real Wedding staring back at you from a blog, to scroll through—one eye closed, the other wide open—the documentation of a Real Day That Really Happened for One Real Couple. In most cases, behind the curtains of hanging moss and curls of calligraphy, you can almost see glints… »9/25/15 11:45am9/25/15 11:45am


Oh, You've Not Yet Planned Your Wedding Moon? Time to Get Cracking

Quick question for those of you out there who are in the stages of planning your wedding: Do you ever feel like you’ve got too much time on your hands, or like you’re not spending enough money, or you’re hoping for another item on your checklist? Fear not, you rare birds: There’s a new Thing in town and it’s a -moon. »7/07/15 6:30pm7/07/15 6:30pm

There's a Sari Rental Market. Give Us One for Bridesmaids Dresses

An interesting thing is happening in the retail world: as the population of Indians living in the United States grows, and the number of Indian weddings has grown with it, the need for the right clothing for those weddings has reached a new high. Sensing an opportunity, a bunch of sari-rental websites have cropped… »10/16/13 5:20pm10/16/13 5:20pm

Can't Afford To Get Married? Just Fake Being Engaged!

Modern conundrum: thanks to the wedding-industrial complex transforming what should be a nice little celebration of love into a hilariously expensive clusterfuck, a lot of couples find themselves in an odd position, relationship-wise: they've ruled out marriage, but they also are pretty sure they're never going to… »10/03/13 2:40pm10/03/13 2:40pm

Today's a Lucky Day to Get Married in China; A Crappy Day to Do It Anywhere Else

In Mandarin, the words for "January 4th, 2013" are pronounced a lot like the phrase "I will love you all my life," and so, logically, that means that January 4th is a lucky day to get married in China, kind of like how March 4th of every year is a lucky day to join the Army or leave your spouse in the middle of the… »1/04/13 1:15pm1/04/13 1:15pm

Oh My God Please Stop Taking Your Wedding Pictures in the Middle of the Street

Not to go all local news-style alarmist on you, but: brides and grooms, your extreme wedding photos could be putting your lives at risk. This conclusion isn't the result of a scientific study, it's the result of simple observation — if you're standing out in the middle of a busy intersection or jumping joyfully from a… »9/21/12 11:30am9/21/12 11:30am

Strapless Wedding Dresses, We Are on to Your Bullshit

It's not a secret that strapless bridal dresses are about as ubiquitous as that scene in movies where the officiant asks people in attendance at a wedding to speak up or forever hold their peace and someone speaks up, with comical results. But why? Strapless gowns are nearly universally unflattering, they're tough to… »5/18/12 1:20pm5/18/12 1:20pm

Every Day Is A Nice Day For A White Wedding At BHLDN

In January, an email went out, with the subject line: "What if Anthropologie did weddings?" It was a teaser for BHLDN, Anthropologie's new bride-centric venture. We wondered: What did the letters mean? Beverly Hills London? Bride Hates Little Dogs Now? Benedictine Holies Levitate Directly Northward? Babies Help Liven… »2/18/11 4:25pm2/18/11 4:25pm