Furious Brides Loot Shop That Cheated Them Out Of Wedding Gowns

A group of angry brides descended upon a bridal shop in Limerick, Ireland when the proprietor didn’t make good on her promise to provide dresses for their wedding. To show her exactly what they thought of her business practices, they gutted her shop, grabbed any dress they could and ran. One bride, more enterprising… »5/12/15 7:50pm5/12/15 7:50pm

Wedding Gown Designer's Hottest Fashion Week Outfit Is an Ebola Suit 

There's a lot that wedding dresses and Ebola have in common: They're expensive, take a long time to put on and both feature a facial shield to protect one's physical and emotional integrity. That's why it should surprise no one that a wedding designer will be debuting an Ebola suit during New York Fashion Week. »2/13/15 3:50pm2/13/15 3:50pm