Wedding Expo Doesn’t Even Make It Through Its Honeymoon Before Divorce…

On Wednesday at New York's Metropolitan Pavilion about 850 people paid the $40 dollar ticket price (couples got in for $60) to attend New York Magazine's "New York Weddings Event," which featured all the wedding accoutrements we've been told to expect by TLC and David Tutera's relentless self-promotion on WE — wedding… » 3/31/12 5:55pm 3/31/12 5:55pm

Bride-To-Be Psychologically Tortured By Wedding Expo

Weddings sucked up $42 billion last year. The average U.S. wedding cost $19,581. And that figure actually represents a decline: in 2007, before the recession, Americans spent nearly $29,000 on every single one of our 2 million-plus weddings. » 4/08/10 6:00pm 4/08/10 6:00pm