Banana Slugs & Camilla The Chicken: Your Amazing Wedding Cake Toppers 

Would you like to know what joy is? Joy is the three hours I spent cataloguing every single one of your funny, sweet, beautiful and incredibly imaginative cake toppers. There was something for everyone, and everyone is a winner. We’ve got a lot to cover, let’s get right to it. » 4/30/15 10:15pm 4/30/15 10:15pm

Show Us Your Clever And Inventive Cake Toppers

Welcome to Pop The Question, a weekly space to dissect every aspect of wedding madness. Each Tuesday, we’ll ask a question (sometimes there might even be a poll!), you’ll share answers and stories, and then we’ll bring you the best of the bunch on Thursdays. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll fly into a total rage over… » 4/28/15 1:30pm 4/28/15 1:30pm