Ke$ha's Tumblr Invites You To Put Your Beard In Her Mouth

If you happen to be surfing the web and stumble upon a blog called Put Your Beard In My Mouth — a site filled with photos of beards, bearded dudes, and Ke$ha putting said beards into her mouth — you should know that it's not some kind of crazy site made by a fan obsessed with beards and the pop singer. It's no… »12/09/11 3:50pm12/09/11 3:50pm

Exploring The Old Websites Of Republican Candidates

Remember the 90s? Remember when politicians first started creating websites for themselves? Do you also remember the innocent time when websites were nothing more than a Geocities account, plain text, basic html, frames, borders, banners and a simple photo of whoever the website was about? Mental Floss remembered the… »10/14/11 5:30pm10/14/11 5:30pm

Teacher Launches "Burn And Rot In Hell" Website, Is Surprised To Be Fired

You'd think, after the furor that surrounded teacher Natalie Munroe's blog-related firing, that those in the pedagogical professions might give social networking a wide birth. Not so Catholic school teacher Elizabeth Cucinotta, who, with her cousin launched what she terms "Facebook for Angry People." The site, "Burn… »3/28/11 6:45pm3/28/11 6:45pm

Diet Packs Will Make You Eat More • Female Shoppers Love Food Courts

Diet or calorie-portioned packs of snack food are actually counterproductive since they make people believe they can eat more of the unhealthy food inside. • New trend? New York City is welcoming its first vaginal fitness spa, meant to tighten women up, down there. • Environmentalist and author, Robert Engelman, says… »7/02/08 5:20pm7/02/08 5:20pm