Kate Middleton Will Be Appropriately Waxed

Madame Tussauds has announced plans to add a Kate Middleton model to the rest of the wax royal family exhibit after her wedding. Hopefully they'll find a better sculptor than the guy who did the commemorative coin. » 12/27/10 3:33pm 12/27/10 3:33pm

Advertising Fail

DC beauty salon D'Brows has decided to capitalize on the controversy surrounding Erykah Badu's latest video by suggesting that Badu's confidence comes from "a good waxing." The press release even nonsensically claims she "read this" before shooting the video. [TheSexist] » 4/07/10 11:20am 4/07/10 11:20am

Brazilian Bikini Waxing To Continue In Garden State

New Jersey state officials have dropped a proposed bikini wax ban after salon owners protested and the state's consumer affairs director refused to support the measure. » 3/23/09 10:45am 3/23/09 10:45am