Ameenah Franks Broke Into DC's Highest-Security Office Buildings — All For Love!

Before her twentieth birthday, career office thief Ameenah Franks slipped past security at the Federal Aviation Administration, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the U.S. Treasury Department and various other high-security federal office complexes. She stole wallets, and digital cameras and even a Secret Service… » 2/08/08 12:00pm 2/08/08 12:00pm

Vagina Monoblogs: Real Estate Mogul Alyssa Shelasky Moves In With Parents

  • Virgin Chronicler Sarah DiMuro's BFF thinks Cute Blond May Be 'The One.' Which means: 1. Her blog is about to become even more boring than Alyssacentric 2. She will get laid in time for....the Beijing Olympics?
  • Alyssa Shelasky goes on and on about moustaches and Los Angeles and her perfect credit score and posts a…
  • » 4/02/07 1:27pm 4/02/07 1:27pm