Wanted: Just Think Of It As The Bloody, Sexy & Slightly Idiotic Alternative For Wall-E

Yes, we know, we already did a Critical Mass today, but, as some of you have noted, there is another movie coming out that may be a little bit more "adult" than an animated children's flick. Wanted is a new action film that revolves around a young Chicago account manager (James McAvoy) who learns that he is actually… » 6/27/08 2:30pm 6/27/08 2:30pm

Angelina Jolie & James McAvoy: Sofa King Hot In Wanted

OK. This is not your usual Snap Judgment. There are all these stills from the new flick Wanted and they were so hot I could not pick just one. Angelina's hotness is only eclipsed by the scorching white hot celestial body of Mr. McAvoy. No, the producers are not paying me to say that. Look at this photo! Many, many… » 6/11/08 5:15pm 6/11/08 5:15pm