The Reason We Keep Showing American Apparel Softcore

This is not an ad for American Apparel. Nor is this. Or this. Or this, either. None of the posts that comprise our coverage of the struggling t-shirt company and its pants-optional C.E.O. is an ad. Critique depends upon quotation. » 8/24/10 3:32pm 8/24/10 3:32pm

Amy Winehouse: Tabloid Victim Or Carefully-Curated "Trainwreck"?

Singer Amy Winehouse is many things: gifted, destructive, depressive, dickmatized...but one thing she's not is inauthentic. In today's Salon, Winehouse is accused of blatant fakery by novelist James Hannaham. "She may be a tragic talent," writes Hannaham, "but she's also playing the part of the tragic talent." Hannaham… » 12/14/07 9:30am 12/14/07 9:30am