Couple Suing The Waldorf-Astoria Because Wedding Guest's Gun Went Off 

A wedding reception at the Waldorf-Astoria was interrupted and ultimately shut down last weekend when a guest’s gun accidentally discharged during a pre-wedding cocktail hour, injuring 5 people. Incredibly, the ceremony went on without a hitch; the bride didn’t discover what had happened until the hotel told her the… »6/22/15 12:10pm6/22/15 12:10pm


Waldorf-Astoria Lets Adorable Couple Celebrating 60th Anniversary Stay There for 1952 Room Rate

Isidore and Joan Schwartz spent their first night as husband and wife at New York's Waldorf Astoria Hotel. And now, decades later the hotel has welcomed them to spend the night of their 60th wedding anniversary in the same lodging for the same price they paid on their wedding night. In 1952. So how much did their… »3/02/12 7:45pm3/02/12 7:45pm