New Hampshire Law Mandates Doctors Tell Women Scary Stories Before Abortions

Elected officials in New Hampshire have taken it upon themselves to use their ancient, mysterious gavel powers to legislate truth into and out of being. And as such, they've deemed it not only acceptable but mandatory for doctors to warn women seeking abortions that if they go through with it, terrible, terrible,… »3/15/12 5:40pm3/15/12 5:40pm


Pro-Choice Means Anti-Conscience, and Other Bullshit Rules

Laws defend the rights of pro-life medical professionals to refuse to perform certain procedures with which they morally disagree. But proponents of conscience rights are oddly unwilling to extend similar conscience rights to pro-choice medical professionals who believe that it's morally correct to give women autonomy… »2/29/12 1:30pm2/29/12 1:30pm