Terrible New Attack on Abortion Clinic Landlord Delightfully Backfires

While we're all well aware of the fact that there are anti-choice protesters harassing people and doing terrible things every single day in our fine country, it's useful to occasionally be reminded, in order to sense the urgency of the situation, of the awfulness of some of their tactics. And we also need to be… »5/07/12 1:40pm5/07/12 1:40pm


Payback Is a Bitch for Abortion Clinic Protestors, Thanks to a Brilliant Landlord

Todd Stave has the unenviable position of being the landlord of a building in Germantown, Maryland, which he leases to an abortion provider called Reproductive Health Services Clinic. So he knows a little something about dealing patiently with anti-abortion protesters. But when they started calling him at home at all… »3/30/12 1:00pm3/30/12 1:00pm