Vogue Italia Would Like to Tell You About the Hot New Trend of ‘Rapper Style’

Have you heard of rappers? You know — those people who perform "rap" music? Preeminent documentor of urban style Vogue Italia has! Vogue Italia knows from rap. Today on its Web site, Vogue "Slave Earrings" Italia lays down some old-school knowledge about rapper style, which the magazine explains was invented by noted… »3/30/12 7:10pm3/30/12 7:10pm


New Vogue Italia Story Pokes Fun at Poor Blacks and Latinas, Seems Kinda Racist

Steven Meisel's brand new cover story for Vogue Italia is already drawing the ire of some commentators for showcasing racist stereotypes. Called "Haute Mess" and extensively hyped online — the magazine blogged behind-the-scenes teaser GIFs and sneak peeks to build anticipation — the Internet now seems primed to do… »3/09/12 10:50am3/09/12 10:50am