Andre Leon Talley: Vogue Editor, Style Adviser, Political Surrogate For Obama?

  • Like everyone in Fashion, Vogue Editor at XL Andre Leon Talley has many opinions, feels they should be heard. "Asked how Americans can still look fabulous despite the recession, Talley said, 'Wear something old that you love' until Election Day. 'Then, vote for Barack Obama, who'll fix the economy.'" [NY Daily News]
  • »9/04/08 11:30am9/04/08 11:30am

Vogue India Puts Fendi Bib On Impoverished Child; Critics Freak

Many of you sent us the link to the New York Times »9/02/08 12:30pm9/02/08 12:30pm story about the August issue of India, in which a woman missing teeth holds a child wearing a $100 Fendi bib. In another shot, a toothless, barefoot man holds a $200 Burberry umbrella. Another photograph shows family of three riding a motorbike, with the mother…

Vogue India Debuts With Australian Blonde On Front, Bleeding Heart Inside?

The inaugural issue of Vogue India supposedly hit newsstands today — though no one told our newsstand — and thank the Lords for colonialism because it's in English. Reads the announcement on the Vogue UK: "Is there anywhere chicer to be than part of the Vogue family?" (Is there anything more obnoxious than that… »10/22/07 5:00pm10/22/07 5:00pm