Vogue Runs Another Blackface Editorial

Vogue Netherlands has published an editorial featuring blackface makeup. The model in the story is Querelle Jansen, the stylist was Marije Goekoop, and the photographer was Ishi. Both Goekoop and Ishi are frequent contributors to the magazine. » 4/17/13 4:10pm 4/17/13 4:10pm

French Vogue Controversy Goes To Cable

Maybe you saw, but Jezebel's own Jenna Sauers made her American cable television debut earlier this afternoon, where she talked about the modeling industry, French Vogue's "blackface" editorial, and charmed anchor Don Lemon. Kudos! (Update: here's the entire video.) [CNN] » 10/14/09 5:20pm 10/14/09 5:20pm

French Vogue Must Not Think Blackface Is That Offensive

Vogue Paris editor Carine Roitfeld and American photographer Steven Klein painted Caucasian model Lara Stone in blackface makeup for a spread in the magazine's new "Supermodels" issue — which featured no models of color whatsoever. Their reaction to the controversy? » 10/14/09 12:40pm 10/14/09 12:40pm

Oh No They Didn't: French Vogue Does Blackface

Seeking ever edgier territory, having dispensed with motherhood and cannibalism as sources of controversy, Vogue Paris took pictures of Dutch supermodel Lara Stone in blackface. Stop me if you've heard this one before! » 10/12/09 2:40pm 10/12/09 2:40pm