Vivienne Westwood Glamorously Rides Tank to Protest Fracking

Vivienne Westwood made an unforgettable entrance when she arrived at the home of British Prime Minister David Cameron to protest fracking. Escorted by people in camouflage gear, the fashion designer rolled up in a white armored personnel carrier to join other protesters who wore gas masks. “We are here to poison the… »9/13/15 3:30pm9/13/15 3:30pm

Punk Queen Vivienne Westwood Holds Mad Max-Style Anti-Fracking Protest

Fashion designer/punk icon/lifelong activist Dame Vivienne Westwood half-asses nothing, so when she staged her brilliant protest against fracking in London yesterday, it was replete with post-apocalyptic zombie models on stilts, presumably examples of what we will become in a fracking world. She also carried a… »4/28/15 12:30pm4/28/15 12:30pm

Vivienne Westwood Backs Scottish Independence at London Fashion Week

Now that New York Fashion Week has ended, London Fashion Week is in full swing. Over the weekend, Vivienne Westwood showed a collection that looks like the wardrobe of a school play about pirates that's been half-foraged from a lost and found. But it has a political message: by affixing "YES" pins to several of the… »9/15/14 6:40pm9/15/14 6:40pm

Ogle Oodles of Tulle at This Exhibit on the History of Wedding Dresses

Over the last couple of centuries, wedding dresses have mutated, Godzilla-like, from a gown worn while saying vows to the centerpiece of a huge industry. If you're curious how that happened—and, more importantly, keen to gawk at some really luxe examples of the form—there's a new museum exhibit devoted to the topic. »4/30/14 1:20pm4/30/14 1:20pm

Lindsay Lohan Borrows Designer Dress, Unsurprisingly Returns It in Shreds

So Lindsay Lohan asks to borrow a designer dress for the amFAR gala from stylist Phillip Bloch, whose number she got from Charlie Sheen. Is any part of what I just said a valid reason to hand over a $1,750 dress of intricate beadwork and gossamer fairy tits and silkworms that only eat free-range food and drink fair… »2/21/13 9:00am2/21/13 9:00am

Vivienne Westwood, for the Kookiest Power Bitch in the Boardroom

New York Fashion Week is over, which means London Fashion Week is in full swing. Yesterday things got a tiny bit theatrical at the Vivienne Westwood Red Label show. While the styling — especially the makeup — was over the top, Dame Westwood delivered wearable pieces: Cozy coats, slinky dresses, menswear-inspired… »2/18/13 10:40am2/18/13 10:40am

Vivienne Westwood, for the Demented Disowned Royal Heiress in You

Didn't we just see a demented Vivienne Westwood show, in London? Why yes, we did. But this is her Paris collection, a fancier, even more fucked up Spring 2013 collection: Mad queens with powdered faces and lopsided crowns, jewel-encrusted dresses with raw edges, burlap turbans, ballgowns worn with short shorts. You… »10/01/12 2:00pm10/01/12 2:00pm

Vivienne Westwood, for the Demented Fifties Housewife on Acid in You

Now that New York Fashion Week has wrapped up, London Fashion Week has kicked off. And yesterday, punk rock icon Vivienne Westwood presented her Spring 2013 show, which channeled Mad Men: The Lost Weekend. Many of the silhouettes were completely classic, but there was always something slightly off: Perfectly-fitting… »9/17/12 6:00pm9/17/12 6:00pm

Vivienne Westwood Says Punk Was "Just A Marketing Opportunity"

In the week of her 70th birthday, Vivienne Westwood tells the Wall Street Journal about her favorite book (A La Recherche du Temps Perdu), her favorite experience (Noh theater), and what she likes to cook (Beef Wellington). She rarely watches her own fashion shows. And the secret to a good marriage, in case you were… »4/12/11 12:30pm4/12/11 12:30pm