Today In Viral Marriage-Proposal Videos: Muppets!

To propose to Sara, his girlfriend of ten years, Sid made this video and aired it during the trailers at a local movie theater. Now in addition to a viral video, all proposals must include childhood nostalgia and custom-made muppets. » 12/16/10 3:27pm 12/16/10 3:27pm

Save-The-Date Video Is A Love Letter To Wes Anderson

The bar has been raised for DIY wedding accoutrements. But brides-to-be and attendant grooms, please don't spend too much of your time making these viral videos. Weddings are pricey, so you should be focusing your energy on scoring checks. » 10/22/10 7:17pm 10/22/10 7:17pm

Most Elaborately Choreographed Wedding Proposal Ever

Depending on how you feel about public wedding proposals, this video of a man popping the question in Madison Square Park with clowns, costumes, and choreographed dancers is either your worst nightmare or your dream come true. » 6/04/10 9:20am 6/04/10 9:20am