Are Alexander Payne And Misanthropic Fashionista Blogger Alice Kim A Pairing?

Former In Style Accessories Director and lead 'View From The Fourth Row' blogger suspect Alice Kim is leaving In Style for Omaha, Nebraska, in a development that probably involves internationally-acclaimed "spiritual healer" Dawn Christie and may also concern native Nebraskan and Korean-proclivitor Alexander Payne.… » 6/26/07 7:20pm 6/26/07 7:20pm

'InStyle' Accessorian And Champion Bluffer Alice Kim So Fed Up With New York She Is Leaving For...Omaha

The news has hit that "accessories maven" and poker-champ Alice Kim — with whom one of us has worked, and enjoyed doing so — has left InStyle for Nebraska (a state). But no one seems to want to point to her as the anonymous editor of "ViewFromTheFourthRow", even though there is lots of that real discreet… » 5/23/07 5:27pm 5/23/07 5:27pm

Who Is The View From The Fourth Row Blogger? Here Are Some Guesses

Following today's report that the blogger behind bitchy fashion blog View From the Fourth Row is about to be unmasked (and perhaps fired), we thought we'd make a list of the most likely candidates. According to Fashionista's Faran Krentcil, the anonymous blogger is a) a woman, b) an accessories editor and c) employed… » 4/04/07 12:25pm 4/04/07 12:25pm