Plastic Surgery Will Totally Enhance Your Facebook Experience, Say Vain People

Study after study shows that more people are getting facial plastic surgery to perfect their social media close-up. Is it because the ability to see ourselves from multiple angles and megapixels makes us notice flaws we didn't know we had? Or is it because, as Betabeat's Jessica Roy says, "Social media has made… »7/11/12 11:10am7/11/12 11:10am


Network and Flirt the Day Away With Chatroulette's Less Pervy Cousin

On Tuesday, Sean Parker (you know, the infamous billionaire who JT played in The Social Network) and Shawn Fanning, both co-founders of Napster, launched Airtime, a video chat service that lets users connect semi-randomly with friends, random strangers, or anyone they have something in common with, be it a favorite… »6/07/12 2:30pm6/07/12 2:30pm