A New Drug Ten Times Stronger Than Vicodin Is Coming

Despite America’s renewed heroin epidemic that’s picked off famous folks like Philip Seymour Hoffman and non-famous folks for years, someone thought it was a great idea to create Zohydro, an opiate that’s even more powerful than Vicodin. Prescription pills like these open a dangerous door for people who become… »2/27/14 1:00pm2/27/14 1:00pm


Texas Sicko Now On Trial For Spearheading "Swingers Club"

Some tales are so aggressively grotesque they take on a surreal quality, and so it is with the group of men and women who ran the "Swingers Club" in the tiny town of Mineola, Texas, in which the perpetrators drugged children, some as young as five, with "silly pills" (Vicodin) and forced them to perform sex shows in… »6/23/08 9:30am6/23/08 9:30am