We Asked Vets: What's Wrong with Taylor Swift's Catatonic Cat?

Taylor Swift debuted her new kitten, a Scottish Fold named Olivia Benson, back in June. Ever since, she's been spotted carrying the cat (without a leash or carrier) wherever she goes, including the busy streets of New York City and, as of yesterday, on airplane tarmacs. The cat, it must be said, seems totally cool… » 9/26/14 5:00pm 9/26/14 5:00pm

U.K. Vet School Wrings Its Hands Over Dearth of White Guys

The U.K.'s Royal Veterinary College has decided that, since not enough white men are enrolling in its program, it ought to recruit them more aggressively. To that end, the college has included white men among the underrepresented minority groups that it targets in publicity materials, which have been specially crafted… » 8/19/12 2:00pm 8/19/12 2:00pm

"I'll Go To Jail For My Dog"

A New Zealand teen kidnapped his own injured puppy from a clinic after vets refused to return 5-month-old Buck because he couldn't pay the bill. Fortunately, donations covered the pup's surgery and Buck is going to be just fine. [MSNBC] » 2/10/10 9:40am 2/10/10 9:40am

This just pretty much just made our day: Courtney Oliver, a young girl from Olympia, Washington, is not only a certified genius, but a certified veterinary assistant and college graduate well on her way to becoming a full-fledged veterinarian. As one reader told us, this girl is living our 10-year-old dream...but at… » 1/30/08 12:45pm 1/30/08 12:45pm