Why Does Jennifer Lopez Hide In The Storage Closet At Airports? (Hint: It's Not The Paparazzi!)

  • First Class lounges aren't really exclusive enough for Jennifer Lopez anymore, but she's got a resourceful fix: she slips through a mysterious unmarked door in the lounge, giving the illusion she is entering some platinum VIP area, when really she's just hiding in a storage closet. Yeah, I couldn't have made that…
  • »6/27/08 9:00am6/27/08 9:00am


Kimora Lee Simmons Is Not Going To Let Russell Be Another Deadbeat Dad

  • Russell Simmons is forking over $20,000 per daughter in child support to Kimora Lee, which seems about right when you take into account that they are not just children but living ambassadors of Fabulosity. [TMZ]
  • Naomi Campbell was kind enough to get arrested wearing one of Nelson Mandela's signature baseball caps,…
  • »6/26/08 9:00am6/26/08 9:00am