Is American Apparel In Another Uncomfortable Position?

  • More hot water for American Apparel: an accountant is suing for wrongful termination, saying he was fired for refusing to cook the books. [WSJ]
  • A Bosnian company is starting an Obama-inspired suit line. Now is he obliged to wear one?! [Breitbart]
  • Joan Rivers critiques Michelle's "horrible dress." In fairness, she's…
  • »11/12/08 11:30am11/12/08 11:30am

Golden Globes Cancelled? Fashion Mockery Can Still Continue

As everyone knows by now, the Golden Globes, scheduled for Sunday evening, have been called off because of the writer's strike. Besides the entertainers who won't get to drunkenly hog the spotlight, and the designers, whose wares won't be worn, there is us — the common folk — who won't get a chance to referee the… »1/11/08 5:00pm1/11/08 5:00pm

Is It Dumb That We're Kind Of Psyched About The Jennifer Lopez Movie?

  • Fresh off her appearance on the cover of the June Glamour, Jennifer Lopez will grace the cover of Conde Nast's supremely stupid supplement Fashion Rocks. We don't know if it's more retarded that Jennifer Lopez is supposed to represent "rock" or that Conde Nast is so used to putting pointless, overexposed celebrities…
  • »7/25/07 10:19am7/25/07 10:19am