How In The Name Of Jesus Did Raffaello Follieri Get People To Believe Him?

It occurred to me at a party last night that you could be heading into some serious social occasions this weekend without a full grasp of how fucking awesome Anne Hathaway's ex-boyfriend is, and I can't let that happen because it is the feelgood story of the summer because it's literally impossible not to come away… »6/27/08 2:00pm6/27/08 2:00pm

Why Does Jennifer Lopez Hide In The Storage Closet At Airports? (Hint: It's Not The Paparazzi!)

  • First Class lounges aren't really exclusive enough for Jennifer Lopez anymore, but she's got a resourceful fix: she slips through a mysterious unmarked door in the lounge, giving the illusion she is entering some platinum VIP area, when really she's just hiding in a storage closet. Yeah, I couldn't have made that…
  • »6/27/08 9:00am6/27/08 9:00am

Dear Anne Hathaway: If You Don't Read Your Ex-Boyfriend's Indictment You Are Going To Hell

Your "friends" are probably telling you not to read the indictment. (You know what indictment! The one charging your Ponzi sheming ex, Raffaello Follieri. Look, only 18 pages. It's not a script) And let me tell you something, Anne, and this is beside the point, but those same fucking friends avoiding the topic,… »6/24/08 1:30pm6/24/08 1:30pm

How Does The Church Pay For All Those Boys It Molested? Evict The Nuns!

Ever wondered where the Catholic Church would find the six hundred sixty million bucks it has to pay all those little altar boys it raped and robbed the childhoods, ruined relationships with women of etc. etc.? Now you know: they're evicting nuns. Not priests! Zero priests!! Fucking geriatric, diabetic nuns. You see,… »10/04/07 1:00pm10/04/07 1:00pm

How Anne Hathaway's Boyfriend Got Clinton To Underwrite Their Fabulous Romance

Remember Ann Hathaway's Italian Vatican-certified "I get wet just thinking about his charity work" boyfriend, Raffaello Follieri? You always knew he was a piece of shit. (Seriously, like Anne Hathaway is really a discriminating judge of character.) So today the WSJ's John Emshwiller, the original exposer of the full… »9/26/07 9:30am9/26/07 9:30am