Everything In The News Will Piss You Off Today, Puppies And Presidents Edition

  • The Bushes spent about $3.7 million dollars on real estate in a pricey Dallas neighborhood, and boy, are you going to seethe with jealousy when you see the house the Presidency can buy you. [Washington Post, The Smoking Gun]
  • Italy is struggling with a rise in puppy smuggling due to a love of specific breeds and a…
  • »12/04/08 6:30pm12/04/08 6:30pm

Should Valerie Plame Have To Apologize For Being So Criminally Hot?

Valerie Plame has a new book out in which she excoriates the Bush Administration, condemns the war, and blah blah blah finally apologizes for allowing that photo shoot since her CIA class voted her "Least Likely To Need A Makeup Team From Vanity Fair To Make Her Look Hot" anyway. »10/18/07 9:30am10/18/07 9:30am

Okay, first thought: disingenuous.…

Memo To Smart But Not Brilliant Women Who Infiltrate Boys' Clubs Of The Universe: We Hate Your Retard Photo Shoots

Valerie Plame testifies on the Hill today in something Scooter Libby involved, we're not sure what, since the trial already ended and we didn't even pay attention to that. So why did we bother reading this entire non-story about is? Well, because unlike Tim Russert and Bob Woodward and all the other Sunday talk show… »3/16/07 9:51am3/16/07 9:51am