Roseanne Is Probably Joking About Getting Her Vagina Reconstructed

You may have seen this clip referenced over at a certain brother site of ours but you probably didn't click because the editor warned you that it would make you grody vomit. Incidentally, I too am about to go vomit, but that is entirely unrelated to Roseanne, who made a funny joke on Craig Ferguson's show last night… »4/10/08 3:30pm4/10/08 3:30pm

Bad Ad: Oh Well, We Always Liked Hubba Bubba More Anyway

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  • Another, less-troubling side of vaginal reconstruction. [Feministing]
  • Female porn stars are supporting Hillary Clinton. Radar]
  • Women who aren't porn stars also supporting Hillary Clinton. [ABCNews]
  • Gen-X moms get their way…
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