25 Burning Questions I Have About Vagina Murder

At 9:15pm Thursday night, my evening was on a romcom heroine pre-makeover trajectory — stretchy inside-pants donned, computer open, a half eaten 1 lb bag of Red Vines on my bed, and a Pac Man tumbler of white wine on the bedside table. There may or may not have been string cheese involved (I'm gross!). When suddenly,… » 3/22/13 6:30pm 3/22/13 6:30pm

Resourceful Woman Attempts to Kill Husband With Vagina Poison

While I realize that I'm not in a position to give you unsolicited relationship advice, I am going to go ahead and do it anyway. If you ever find yourself thinking that you might want to kill your significant other, first and foremost, don't do it. Take some time, cool your head, go get help. Murder is almost always… » 1/30/13 10:50am 1/30/13 10:50am