Things To Think About That Catfish Vagina Thing in 'The Counselor'

There is a movie out called The Counselor, directed by Ridley Scott and written by novelist Cormac McCarthy, and it is perhaps terrible and good, and in one scene a man named Reiner (Javier Bardem) recounts to another man named the Counselor (Michael Fassbender) that he wishes he could forget about the time this woman… » 10/29/13 11:22am 10/29/13 11:22am

Toothed Vaginas and Wandering Uteri: The Seven Most Ridiculous Myths…

Recently we've heard some world-class craziness on the subject of that wondrous creation, the female body. The GOP has long frowned upon sex education, and for good reason. A rudimentary understanding of biology would render nonsensical many of its cherished ideas about women's anatomical functions. Congressman Todd… » 8/29/12 1:00pm 8/29/12 1:00pm

Indiana Jones And The Vagtastic Voyage

I saw Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull over the weekend, and I don't think I'm giving anything away by telling you that the climactic fight scene occurs in the recesses of a dank, sinister cave. I realized shortly after leaving the theater that every climactic Indiana Jones fight scene occurs in a… » 5/27/08 11:00am 5/27/08 11:00am

Vaginas With Teeth Get The Tinseltown Treatment

Above is the trailer for Teeth, a horror/comedy about a girl who discovers that she has vagina dentatateeth in her taco! It first premiered at Sundance last January, where it gained lots of buzz and critical acclaim, and the film's star Jess Weixler won the Sundance Special Jury Prize for Acting. Reviews say Teeth » 11/19/07 5:00pm 11/19/07 5:00pm