Jezebel Crashes The Tyra Show's Vaginas Episode

The greatly anticipated "What's Up Down There" episode of Tyra aired yesterday. Well, it was greatly anticipated by us because three members of the Jezebel staff were in the studio audience. And you can totally see us, too! Sometimes we look bored, sometimes we're giving stank face, and at one point we're openly… »11/06/07 1:50pm11/06/07 1:50pm

Barbara Walters: "Call Me Gay, But I Think Sarah Jessica Parker Is Adorable"

Babs was so much fun on The View this week, with her Halloween costume, her vagina vs. vajayjay discussion and her robot dance, but we all know that you're not really a good time girl unless you get a little lezzie with your friends, which is what she did. Well, you know, not literally (although, that be a ratings… »11/05/07 1:30pm11/05/07 1:30pm