Lawyers in U.S. Naval Academy Rape Trial Grill Victim, Call Her a 'Ho'

Well, this is completely sickening: the defense lawyers for three former U.S. Naval Academy football players accused of raping their classmate spent roughly thirty hours over the course of several days grilling the victim about her sex habits. The questions — which were asked in a public hearing — were intrusive,… » 9/21/13 4:30pm 9/21/13 4:30pm

Victim Testifies in US Naval Academy Gang Rape Trial

Nearly a year and a half after reporting her own gang rape, the victim of the alleged sexual assault enacted by three football players from the U.S. Naval Academy has finally had her day in court. Wednesday, the female midshipman testified that fellow U.S. Naval Academy students Tra’ves Bush, Eric Graham and Joshua… » 8/29/13 1:10pm 8/29/13 1:10pm