People Is So Thirsty for the Ben Affleck-Jen Garner Divorce Exclusive

Rumors about Jennifer Garner and her husband Ben Affleck’s impending divorce have been swirling for years (remember the Blake Lively car ride?). But they’ve picked up again with a vengeance, after a Radar report that Ben spent Jen’s birthday alone, in Canada—Canada!—without his wedding ring. So if the divorce is just… »6/22/15 2:25pm6/22/15 2:25pm


Former FLDS Member Who Took Down Warren Jeffs Appears On Oprah

Elisa Wall's testimony — about how she was forced, at 14 years old, to marry her first cousin, and have nonconsensual sex with him — is what helped send Warren Jeffs, leader of the Mormon fundamentalist polygamist sect, to jail. Today she was on Oprah to talk about her experience. She described her upbringing and the… »5/14/08 7:00pm5/14/08 7:00pm

Marriage Problems From The '30s To Today: It All Boils Down To Sex

In Sunday's Times of London, there was a feature on Britain's Marriage Guidance Council (MGC), now known as "Relate." The nonprofit MGC was founded in 1938 in order to help mend Britain's ailing marriages. The Times publishes some of MGC's case files from the '40s, and one caught my eye in particular. It is case No.… »4/15/08 2:30pm4/15/08 2:30pm