Leslie Knope Has a Message for Bossy Male Lawmakers

The War on Women is entering its second year, and the inside of our pants have transformed into trenches full of men intensely interested in what goes on in there. One reader, inspired by heroine of heroine's Leslie Knope, has a message for those men interested in legislating ladyparts. » 2/27/12 7:15pm 2/27/12 7:15pm

The Wedding Industrial Complex Seeks To Conquer Europe

Despite the terrible exchange rate and horrendously expensive air fares, I am currently in Europe celebrating the wedding of one of my closest friends — we participated in a high school exchange together in 1994 and have been friends ever since. I have heard a lot about how the traditions differ here, from having to… » 7/14/08 3:30pm 7/14/08 3:30pm