New UN Ambassador Interviewed About 'Diplomacy, Diapers'

Samantha Power, the new United States Ambassador to the United Nations, is the youngest person to ever hold that position. And while she's written a Pulitzer-prize winning book about genocide, the Today Show description of an exclusive interview with Power reads "balancing diplomacy, diapers." Get it? She has kids. »10/03/13 12:50pm10/03/13 12:50pm

More Transitions: Everyone From Obama To Alan Colmes To Citibank Is Changing

  • Barack Obama made it official with Tim Geithner today, announcing that he will nominate Geither to the Treasury Department. Former Treasury Secretary Larry "Math Is Hard For Girls" Summers is headed to the top of the White House Economic Council and Berkeley economics professor Christina Romer will head the Council…
  • »11/24/08 6:30pm11/24/08 6:30pm