5 Unbeweavable Years Of Tyra's Hair

In the five years of her talk show—which ends its run at the end of this week—Tyra has single-handedly familiarized a nation with weaves, wigs, tracks, and extensions. Here, we look back at her contribution to society. » 5/27/10 6:00pm 5/27/10 6:00pm

10 Best Moments Of The Tyra Show

Sadly, this week is the last for Tyra. After five seasons, she leaves behind a legacy of hair weaves, fathers who bikini wax daughters, interviews with presidential candidates, and general buffoonery. Here, we compile our 10 favorite moments. » 5/26/10 4:20pm 5/26/10 4:20pm

Tyra: Parents Who've Spent $150K On Spas For Their Kids

Today, mothers who've invested a college education's worth of spa and beauty treatments on their kids—ages 9 and under—appeared on Tyra. What's even more ridiculous is that the angle of the show was all, "Isn't this cute?" » 4/22/10 6:40pm 4/22/10 6:40pm

Tyra: The Menstrual Show

Today, Tyra dedicated an hour to "menstruation." In September, she made a big deal about dedicating an hour to "periods." What's the difference? Not important! What's important is the difference between "coochie" and "vagina," which one woman asked Tyra today. » 3/18/10 8:00pm 3/18/10 8:00pm

Tyra: Soccer Mom Potheads

On today's episode, Tyra Banks interviewed mothers who admit to smoking pot as a way to unwind or deal with the anxiety of child rearing. As one mother put it, "I think life is better when you feel good." » 2/15/10 6:00pm 2/15/10 6:00pm

Tyra: "5 Women, 10 Vaginas"

Today, Tyra Banks interviewed women "with two vaginas". The last time Tyra had more vaginas than women on her stage, it garnered her show a lot of publicity. This time, she found as many vaginas as she could. » 2/03/10 6:30pm 2/03/10 6:30pm

Heidi Tells Tyra About Orgasms, Spencer's Peen

Want to lose your appetite before Thanksgiving? Today on Tyra, Heidi Montag claimed that sex with husband Spencer Pratt produces 30 orgasms per session. Tyra asked her how that was possible, and Heidi, motioning with her hands, referenced Spencer's "equipment." » 11/25/09 8:00pm 11/25/09 8:00pm

Miss J Is A Baby Daddy

Miss J is known to ANTM fans as a character, but today on Tyra—while promoting his book Follow the Model—he revealed personal aspects about his life, coming out of the closet, and the fact that he's a father. » 11/10/09 8:00pm 11/10/09 8:00pm

Tyra: Men Who Are Obsessed With Obese Women

On today's episode, Tyra interviewed men who are "obsessed" with obese women. However, it seemed a lot more like a fetish than an obsession. One guest, Scott has been attracted to 400-pound women ever since he was a little boy. » 10/26/09 8:00pm 10/26/09 8:00pm

Tyra: Women Who Beat Their Boyfriends

On today's episode, Tyra spoke with women who physically abuse their boyfriends. To sensationalize it as much as possible, Tyra's producers left hidden cameras in a room with the guests and their significant others to capture the violence. » 10/19/09 8:00pm 10/19/09 8:00pm

Tyra: People Who Eat Their Boogers

On today's episode, Tyra interviewed adults with disgusting habits, like eating their boogers, eating their toenails, eating their scabs, wearing dirty undies for a week, and popping zits. » 10/14/09 8:00pm 10/14/09 8:00pm

Tyra: Babies Who Curse

Yesterday's Tyra featured little kids who—despite not being able to even read—deliver tirades packed with swear words. One 2-year-old calls his mother a "fucking bitch," while a 6-year-old boy shouted in church, "I don't wanna hear this shit!" » 10/14/09 2:40pm 10/14/09 2:40pm

Tyra Teaches Larry King How To Smize

Tyra was on Larry King Live last night, where she discussed her recent weight loss, made Larry touch her real hair, and taught him how to smize, something that can land non-models a second date...or even a job! » 9/23/09 11:00am 9/23/09 11:00am

Tyra Examines Gay Exorcisms With Help From Insane People

Today's Tyra featured a 16-year-old boy who claims that he's now straight after ridding himself of homosexuality through an exorcism performed by a self-proclaimed prophet (who was also on the show and happens to be batshit crazy). » 9/22/09 8:00pm 9/22/09 8:00pm

Nightline: Tyra Hates Questions About Former ANTM Judges

On last night's Nightline, Tyra Banks got snippy when her publicist's requests to not "go there" over former Top Model judges Paulina Porizkova and Janice Dickinson were ignored by host Cynthia McFadden. TyTy was snarling with her eyes. » 9/10/09 11:00am 9/10/09 11:00am

Tyra Banks Launches Online "Magaline"

According to Tyra, the mission of her new "magaline" (pronounced "maggah line"), called Tyra, is to "redefine beauty online." She also wrote a manifesto for her new venture, for which she provided an audio version. » 9/09/09 8:00pm 9/09/09 8:00pm

Tyra Unveils Real Hair; Interviews Evil Leprechaun

For the premiere of the fifth season of her talk show today, Tyra wore her real hair. Then she sat down to interview Perez Hilton and pretended like she doesn't read his site or hate his guts. » 9/08/09 8:00pm 9/08/09 8:00pm

Tyra: Single, Childless Women Vs. Married Mothers

Yesterday's Tyra featured a debate between heterosexual single women who believe that husbands and children hold women back from reaching their full potential and married, heterosexual women who believe that women aren't complete until they've found a man and started a family. » 5/28/09 11:00am 5/28/09 11:00am

The Dangers Of Saving Yourself For Marriage

Today, Tyra interviewed a couple who remained chaste during their courtship. After two years of marriage, they are both still virgins, because the thought of sex sends the woman into a panic. » 5/19/09 7:00pm 5/19/09 7:00pm

Tyra Hosts Heated Gay Marriage Debate

On yesterday's episode of Tyra, proponents and opponents of gay marriage took the stage to debate both sides of the issue. For some reason, audience members were forced to wear shirts declaring their sexual orientation. » 5/08/09 11:00am 5/08/09 11:00am