Levi Johnston Unveils the Totally Bizarre Name He's Chosen for His Unborn Daughter

When it comes to Levi Johnston, Alaska's most infamous baby daddy, one doesn't exactly expect grade A judgment, but today he managed to shock us all by announcing that he plans to name his forthcoming daughter Breeze Beretta Johnston. Seriously? Yes, and it is Beretta, as in the gun—it's not some family name. So is… »5/01/12 8:00pm5/01/12 8:00pm


Bristol Palin, Genius, to Enter 'Trial Marriage' on Reality TV

Bristol Palin will enter a "trial marriage" — an undertaking known to most of us as "move in with" — with her boyfriend Giacinto "Gino" Paoletti, a 21-year-old pipeline worker with a known proclivity for racist Facebook posts. Naturally, the experience will be filmed as part of Bristol's new Lifetime reality TV show, »4/04/12 6:15pm4/04/12 6:15pm