Judge Judy Vs. The YouTube Divorce Lady, Tricia Walsh-Smith

On Monday, a judge granted a divorce to Philip Smith from Tricia Walsh-Smith, on the grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment. Tricia made a name for herself in April when she began posting googly-eyed rants about her divorce on YouTube, complaining that her husband was evicting her from her Park Avenue apartment, and… »7/24/08 7:00pm7/24/08 7:00pm

YouTube Queen Tricia Walsh-Smith Says She'd "Be Better Off In Baghdad"

Tricia Walsh-Smith, the playwright who made made headlines earlier this year for posting a series of YouTube videos in which she revealed her husband, theater magnate Philip Smith, to be an erectile dysfunctioning cold-hearted guy, was divorced by said husband yesterday on the grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment.… »7/22/08 9:30am7/22/08 9:30am

New York State Court Says Dishing About Your Divorce Online Is Legal, But "Ill-Advised"

Tricia Walsh-Smith, the playwright and soon-to-be-ex-wife of theater executive Philip Smith who posted a tearful, angry rant about her divorce on YouTube, isn't the only divorcée talking about her plight on the 'net. Today's New York Times discusses the pitfalls of broadcasting a breakup for the world to see,… »4/18/08 12:00pm4/18/08 12:00pm

Why Marrying A Rich Old Dude Who Won't Fuck Will Not Solve Your Problems

Meet Tricia Walsh-Smith. She's a playwright, but I guess the tragedy is that this YouTube video, in which she asks the assistant of her greedy hateful rich theater-owning old ex-husband who never wanted to fuck (even though she was 25 years younger than him!) what she thinks she should do with the Viagra and condoms… »4/16/08 12:00pm4/16/08 12:00pm