Michigan Legislator Supports Mandatory Ultrasounds Because Women Aren't "Mentally Capable" of Making Their Own Decisions

Rep. Joel Johnson, one of the Michigan legislators behind a proposed mandatory ultrasound bill (HB 4187), recently said that the reason he feels so strongly that all women should be forced to look at photos of fetal cells they don't want to see is because ladies don't know best when it comes to making decisions about… »2/12/13 6:10pm2/12/13 6:10pm


Virginia Is Now Perilously Close to Criminalizing Abortion

Virginia must really be desperate to distinguish itself as a place where nobody with a uterus wants to live, because yesterday their House of Delegates passed not one but two insanely restrictive anti-abortion bills, which are both heading pretty directly toward becoming law. You can choose which one you find more… »2/15/12 12:20pm2/15/12 12:20pm