Trentonian Runs Story Suggesting Transgender Teen Didn’t Fairly Win Homecoming Queen

On Friday, Jae Irizarry was elected homecoming queen of Trenton Central High School, making her the first transgender student in the city’s history to hold the title. Two days later, The Trentonian published a story written by Penny Ray questioning the validity of the results, reporting that “sources with intimate… »10/20/15 6:20pm10/20/15 6:20pm


Bruce Jenner: 'Do You Have Any Idea What I've Been Going Through?'

In a feverishly anticipated two-hour interview with Diane Sawyer on ABC, Bruce Jenner confirmed tonight that he is a transgender woman. But Jenner made it clear that his transition is not yet completed and that when the interview was filmed, he still preferred the “he” pronoun. He told Sawyer it was the last interview… »4/25/15 12:20am4/25/15 12:20am