People Getting Plastic Surgery to Join a Dating Website? Yeah, Right.

Online dating is incredibly competitive — one gentleman I once went out with told me he had two dates planned after me — but it can also be incredibly expensive and painful; especially if you're trying to join, the best site for the best-looking people where no one is safe from scrutiny. »12/10/14 9:30pm12/10/14 9:30pm

Intense Photos of Plastic Surgery Tranformations Going Viral in China

Plastic surgery continues to grow more and more popular in China, with women and men crossing the border into South Korea to get extensive surgery that transforms not just their features, but their entire faces, rendering them almost unrecognizable. And these recently posted photos are causing quite a stir in the news. »11/10/14 7:10pm11/10/14 7:10pm

How Hair Extensions Made Me A Casual Sex Goddess

You haven't had steamy sex until you've done it with long hair. After adding mid-back blonde extensions to my usual platinum pixie, I had the chance to experience sex from an entirely unique perspective that I didn't even know existed. My long blonde hair was like a dirty maid Halloween costume…you know how girls get… »6/06/11 2:30pm6/06/11 2:30pm