Amy Winehouse Pisses Off Fans While On The Piss

Last night was the first night of Amy Winehouse's British tour, and well, yikes. It sounds like it was complete disaster. Amy stumbled into the venue in Birmingham half an hour late, slurred her words, sang off-key, walked into a guitar stand, and cried through much of the performance, apparently distraught by the… »11/15/07 10:30am11/15/07 10:30am

Real Age Vs. Body Age: Apparently, We Are All Britney Spears

The UK tabloid the Daily Mirror has a story up today about "real age" vs. "body age", by which they mean, how many years a person has added on (or taken off) because of his or her lifestyle choices. As examples, the Mirror uses big boozers like Amy Winehouse (real age, 23; body age, 31) and Britney Spears (real age,… »8/07/07 2:45pm8/07/07 2:45pm