Tyra Investigates Registered Sex Offender Mobile Home Community

Today Tyra introduced us to possibly one of the most unsavory places on earth: A trailer park in Florida populated entirely by registered sex offenders. Called (rather ironically) The Palace, the community not only provides homes but therapy for the sex offenders. And while it's a very controversial subject — like… »5/12/08 6:00pm5/12/08 6:00pm


Homecoming Queen Gives New Meaning To Term "Trailer Trash"

Meet Donna Sturkie-Anthony: A former high school homecoming queen who is now in her early 40s and is more gangsta than you could ever imagine. Currently in jail after an alleged incident in which she beat her sister with a prosthetic leg, Donna has a reputation in her town of North Huntington, PA for being a rowdy,… »2/18/08 10:30am2/18/08 10:30am