Bright Hues and Cool Shoes at the Essence Black Women In Hollywood…

Yesterday at Essence magazine's sixth annual Black Women in Hollywood awards luncheon, tears flowed as honorees took the stage. » 2/22/13 5:00pm 2/22/13 5:00pm

Jay-Z & Beyoncé's Next Hit: 'Here Comes The Bride'

Loose Lips

A mere two weeks after their "spiritual" (non-legal) wedding, Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds have split. Somewhere, Eddie's baby mama Scary Spice is enjoying a nice tall glass of schadenfreude. • Kate Moss is having four birthday parties to celebrate her 34th. She is just that fabulous. It's virtually Mosstoberfest!… » 1/16/08 5:40pm 1/16/08 5:40pm

Britney Hospitalized; Possibly On Drugs

Kim Kardashian Is Spoken For; Britney's Got A Beau