'White Student Union' President Is World's Most Polite Racist

Last month, Towson University's White Student Union garnered a lot of media attention because they had taken it upon themselves to patrol the university grounds in response to a perceived "black crime wave." Other fun facts about the WSU: they're proud to have been included on the Southern Poverty Law Center hate… »4/25/13 11:50am4/25/13 11:50am


Towson University Says Its Unofficial 'White Student Union' Is Protected By Free Speech

A staffer at Towson University, home of the so-called White Student Union, which is exactly what it sounds like but worse, forwarded us the official campus police email that all faculty and staff received yesterday regarding the hate group. Long story short: the group isn't formally recognized on campus (as we… »3/28/13 7:00pm3/28/13 7:00pm

Insane 'White Student Union' Patrols Campus in Face of Perceived 'Black Crime Wave'

The Towson University White Student Union (WSU), an allegiance formed of supremely ignorant and bigoted college students, has officially transgressed the border of deeply offensive and trundled into the realm of completely batshit with its decision to form an all-white campus patrol to defend their innocent (white)… »3/28/13 1:30pm3/28/13 1:30pm